Navigate Your Website's Analytics Effortlessly and Efficiently to Spotlight Crucial Data

Say goodbye to wasting precious time sifting through numerous pages in the hope of finding the data you need. Canny Armadillo makes it easy to locate the exact data you want.

Our Goal Is for You to Be Able to Evaluate Your Website's Performance In 10-minute or Less

Your time is valuable, and we understand the importance of efficiently accessing the data you need without the hassle of navigating aimlessly. With our Canny Insights, Canny Trends, and Canny Questions, we simplify the process, allowing you to quickly gauge your website's performance and receive timely alerts on crucial information.

While we do provide comprehensive data on each page's performance, the technologies used by visitors, lead sources, and other intricate details. We recognize that on most days, you simply want the essentials: Page Views, Visitors, Time on Site, and related.

That's why on your dashboard, we present the most sought-after data to ensure you find what you need effortlessly.

Daily Canny Insights

Every day, we generate insights to keep you informed about essential matters. When everything is running smoothly, no insights are generated, sparing you unnecessary updates. Canny Insights cover Lead Source Changes, New Web Pages Detected, Overall Page Views Changes, Overall Visitors Changes, Web Page Page Views Changes, and Web Page Visitors Changes. Additionally, you'll have an overview dashboard summarizing your Canny Insights.

Canny Trends

We offer eight Canny Trends for you to track various aspects of your website's performance. These trends encompass Website Traffic, Unique Visitors, Time On Site, Time On Page, Page Views Per Visit, Visits Per Unique Visitor, Bounce Rate, and Website Identified Visitors.

By utilizing Canny Insights, Canny Trends, and Canny Questions, you can access most, if not all, of the data you seek on a daily basis. However, for those occasions when you wish to delve deeper, the option is available! The platform holds a wealth of data that you can explore. Additionally, you have the flexibility to customize the date range according to your requirements. While the default setting is the last 7 days, we provide convenient preset date ranges for easy selection.

Privacy Is A Priority

The safeguarding of your privacy is our top priority. We recognize that the information you share with us is personal and sensitive, and we are dedicated to ensuring its safety and security. Rest assured, we have a firm commitment to never sell or disclose any of your data to any third party without your explicit consent.

See Your Lead Sources And How You Got To Canny Armadillo

See How I Got Here

Automate Conversion Events With A Few Clicks - No Coding Required

Configure Armadillo Conversion Events by adding a Conversion URL and set which Armadillo Event you want to fire. Choose from a list of predefined events or add your own custom events.

Real-Time Data Processing

See results in real-time from The Armadillo. Your data is processed as it is received, no waiting until the next day. Make decisions as fast as you need to.

Know Precisely How Each Customer Arrived To Your Website

Easily see the first and last touch for your customer that just purchased or filled out a lead form. No more guessing what marketing channel they came from.

First-Party Cookie and Domain

Serve The Armadillo (Our Tracker) from your subdomain and be all first-party. This will help in being able to track visitors for longer than a week in many cases. Additionally this helps prevent Canny Armadillo from being blocked by ad blockers since everything is first-party. The cookie used is always first-party.

Optionally Use a Cookie-Free Tracker

We offer a Cookie-Free version of The Armadillo (Our Tracker) for users who prefer not to use cookies. While this version may be less accurate in tracking unique visitors over extended periods compared to the version using first-party cookies, it provides an option for those who require or prefer a cookie-free tracker. Feel free to choose the tracking option that best suits your needs.

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Key Features

Website Insights

Want to quickly see if anything out of the ordinary happened on your website? Insights are for you. Get any important information you need in a few minutes. No need to spend time digging though all the data only to see business as usual.

Website Trends

See trends over time for your website. Is your website's page views or visitors trending up or down over the last six months? Find out easily and quickly with Canny Armadillo Trends.


User Funnel Analysis

Our User Funnel Analysis Tool is designed to provide comprehensive insights into the customer journey, enabling you to identify and address points where potential customers drop off. This tool equips you with the data and understanding needed to optimize your sales and marketing funnels, ultimately increasing conversion rates and improving user experience.

Lead Attribution

Compare and contrast how well every Lead Attribution is doing. Using your Lead Attribution Rules see a breakdown of how each is doing. Additionally you can see Lead Attributions by first and last touch to help you better optimize your advertising campaigns.

Web Analytics

With our simple and to the point Web Analytics you can see the what most people want from their Web Analytics. See how many people visited your site, what pages they viewed and what device they used. You can also see a simplified quick view of what sources the traffic on your website came from. To dig deeper on how well each source is doing visit the attribution section of your account.

Real-Time Traffic Data For The Last 30 Minutes

Curious how many people from that new social post or email blast are on the website right now? See how many visitors you have add in the last 30 minutes and what the most popular pages have been.

Conversion URLs

With Conversion URLs you can set which pages should be considered conversions. You can set a default value or pass a value on the page. Most likely this will be some type of thank you page after someone purchases something or fills out a lead form on your website.

Armadillo Events

Trigger an event that happens when someone does something on your website. The default events are: Contact, Donate, Initiate Checkout, Lead, Page View, Purchase, Schedule, Search, Submit Application, Subscribe. You can also add your own Armadillo Events too. Armadillo Events work in conjunction with Conversion URLs.

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