Canny Trends for You to Easily Track Various Aspects of Your Website's Performance

Canny Armadillo currently provides eight trends to enable you to observe how various aspects of your website have evolved over time. For several of our trends, we display 7-day and 30-day moving averages to help filter out any unnecessary noise. This feature is particularly useful in instances where you experience a single-day spike or dip (such as on a holiday). In such cases, while you may receive a Canny Insight about that day, however it is less likely to be a cause for concern if it is an isolated occurrence for that particular trend.

Canny Trends

  1. Website Traffic

  2. Page Views Per Visit

  3. Time On Page

  4. Time On Site

  5. Unique Visitors

  6. Visits Per Unique Visitor

  7. Bounce Rate

  8. Website Identified Visitors

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