Great Features To Help Maximize Conversions

Website Insights

Want to quickly see if anything out of the ordinary happened on your website? Insights are for you. Get any important information you need in a few minutes. No need to spend time digging though all the data only to see business as usual.

Website Trends

See trends over time for your website. Is your website's page views or visitors trending up or down over the last six months? Find out easily and quickly with Canny Armadillo Trends.

Lead Attribution

Compare and contrast how well every Lead Attribution is doing. Using your Lead Attribution Rules see a breakdown of how each is doing. Additionally you can see Lead Attributions by first and last touch to help you better optimize your advertising campaigns.

Web Analytics

With our simple and to the point Web Analytics you can see the what most people want from their Web Analytics. See how many people visited your site, what pages they viewed and what device they used. You can also see a simplified quick view of what sources the traffic on your website came from. To dig deeper on how well each source is doing visit the attribution section of your account.

Real-Time Traffic Data For The Last 30 Minutes

Curious how many people from that new social post or email blast are on the website right now? See how many visitors you have add in the last 30 minutes and what the most popular pages have been.

First-Party Cookie and Domain

Serve The Armadillo from your subdomain and be all first-party. This will help in being able to track visitors for longer than a week in many cases. Additionally this helps prevent Canny Armadillo from being blocked by ad blockers since everything is first-party. The cookie used is always first-party.

Hot Leads

Set which pages you want to know if someone visits and assign a point value to each. If the pixel is able to identify the user's email or phone number during their session and the user visits one of these pages they will show on the "Hot Leads" in your account dashboard, in real time.

Lead Attribution Rules

Create rules based on any combination utm parameters, request urls, referer website. By default your account comes preconfigured with nearly 100 rules to assign each visitor to your site to the correct Lead Attribution.

IP Restrictions

Stop tracking your own page views and polluting your data. Add your office, home, employees, and/or any other IP address to the IP Restrictions and those page views will be ignored. IP Restrictions work in real-time, if a restriction is added it will not adjust any previous data. It will only ignore page requests while active.

Domain Restrictions

With Domain Restrictions you can limit what websites the pixel will collect data from. If a request comes from a domain not in your Domain Restrictions it will be ignored. This is useful to prevent other people from adding your pixel to their websites and polluting your data.

Conversion URLs

With Conversion URLs you can set which pages should be considered conversions. You can set a default value or pass a value on the page. Most likely this will be some type of thank you page after someone purchases something or fills out a lead form on your website.

Armadillo Events

Trigger an event that happens when someone does something on your website. The default events are: Contact, Donate, Initiate Checkout, Lead, Page View, Purchase, Schedule, Search, Submit Application, Subscribe. You can also add your own Armadillo Events too. Armadillo Events work in conjunction with Conversion URLs.

Visitor Journey and Breakdown

You can see every page view a specific visitor viewed. In addition to page views you can see Attributions, Locations, User Agents and IP Addresses for each visitor too. If you pass some info about a visitor, that visitor will become an Identified Visitor. With an Identified Visitor you will be able to see that what pages that person has viewed on different devices if we can identified that visitor on each device.

Ignored URLs

Don't want to track certain urls? You can easily add any urls you do not want Canny Armadillo to track.

Web Page Stats

See stats for every page on your website. See how people got to the page, what pages they viewed next, where they are located and more.

Email Tracking

Add the appropriate utm parameters to you email campaigns and know how well each one is doing. See details stats about what time people click links from your emails and how many visited the website from an email.

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