About Canny Armadillo

Learn How Canny Armadillo Came To Be

One of the reasons Canny Armadillo was initially built is because we were tired of sending all the data about websites to the big mega-corporations. Who knows what they are doing with the data? (At Canny Armadillo, we never sell or share your data about your website without your explicit consent.) We also wanted a tool that was easy for everyone and didn't require a PhD.

We wanted a tool that shows you the information you care about, not everything possible. Spending lots of time digging through analytics tools to find the needed data was time-consuming.

Another reason was that knowing how an ad campaign is performing is difficult. We have helped others build internal tools to help figure this very thing out with first-party tools and trackers.

This is where Canny Armadillo was born. We wanted to be able to share this with other businesses that also struggle with knowing how their ads are doing or how people are getting to the website.

Canny Armadillo sets out to create accessible lead tracking and lead attribution software for all businesses, regardless of size. If you have recently started your business or are an established business, Canny Armadillo wants to help. We don't believe in having an exclusive club where we decide if you are in or out. Everyone is welcome. We want to help you spend your marketing dollars better and improve your return on marketing spend.

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