Are Cookies Going Away in Your Web Browser?

Is the Death of Cookies Near?

The TL;DR is both Yes and No.

Google Chrome is planning to block Third-Party Cookies soon, joining Firefox and Safari in doing so. However, First-Party Cookies will not be going anywhere anytime soon.

How Do First and Third-Party Cookies Compare?

Both types of cookies store a small amount of information. Sometimes, this data is encrypted, allowing only the server that encrypted it to unencrypted it. Other times, it might be a simple string or user ID.

First-Party Cookies allow you to log into your bank or Facebook. First-Party Cookies are only accessible to that website. If you visit one site, the following website you visit cannot access or know about the First-Party Cookies from the previous website.

Third-Party Cookies, however, follow you around to every website you visit. This has allowed ad networks to create a Third-Party Cookie, and if you visit two websites that both use the same ad network, it can show you “relevant” ads. This is why you may have experienced viewing a product on one site and then on a different website, seeing an ad for the product you just viewed on a different website.

What Does This Mean For Marketing?

From a marketing perspective, the impact of Google Chrome's decision to block Third-Party Cookies may not be as significant as it seems. Platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube, and Google Search have already been adapting their tracking and targeting methods since Apple's move in 2020 to block Third-Party cookie and thier anti-tracking tech. This proactive adjustment period has allowed these companies to fine-tune their algorithms, potentially minimizing the noticeable changes once Google implements its ban.

Overall, Google Chrome's removal of third-party cookies is a big win for privacy. It makes it harder for ad networks to know everything you view on the web. However, for everyday users, this will make no difference.

Written By
Geoffrey Rose

Geoffrey Rose

I am an experienced software engineer dedicated to crafting tools that are both practical and user-friendly. Alongside my professional endeavors, I maintain two open-source PHP packages. Beyond the digital realm, I occasionally build things, such as a pergola, built-in pantry shelves, and a comfortable lounge chair. I also have the greatest little Shih-Tzu puppy, Cocoa.

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