Lifetime Value (LTV)

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Term: "Lifetime Value (LTV)"


Lifetime Value (LTV), also known as Customer Lifetime Value (CLV), is a critical metric in marketing and business strategy that estimates the total amount of money a business can expect to earn from a customer over the entire duration of their relationship. LTV is not just about the transactions that have already occurred but includes projected future transactions, making it a forward-looking and predictive measure.

Calculating LTV involves estimating the average purchase value, the number of purchases a customer makes over a given period, and the length of the customer-business relationship. Businesses use LTV to assess the profitability of customer segments, guide decisions on customer acquisition costs, and tailor marketing strategies to maximize the value of their customer base.

Understanding LTV is essential for businesses to allocate their resources efficiently and focus on maintaining long-term relationships with their most valuable customers. It helps in identifying high-value customers for targeted marketing efforts, optimizing product or service offerings, and improving customer satisfaction and retention strategies. In a broader sense, LTV emphasizes the importance of customer loyalty and the long-term value of customer relationships over single transactions.

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