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Term: "Orphan Page"


An orphan page is a webpage within a website that is not linked to by any other pages within the same website. This means that there are no internal links pointing to the orphan page from other pages on the site. Orphan pages are isolated within the website's structure and can be challenging for users and search engines to discover and navigate to. From a user experience perspective, orphan pages may result in frustration and confusion if visitors stumble upon them through external sources or search engines, as there are no clear pathways for further exploration within the website. From an SEO standpoint, orphan pages may not receive as much visibility or traffic as other pages that are internally linked, potentially leading to lower rankings in search engine results pages (SERPs). It's important for website owners and administrators to identify and address orphan pages by ensuring that all pages are properly linked within the website's navigation structure. By incorporating internal links to orphan pages from relevant sections of the website, webmasters can improve usability, enhance SEO performance, and ensure that all pages contribute to the overall user experience and website's visibility.

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