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Term: "Page Views"


Page views are a fundamental metric in web analytics used to quantify the total number of times users load or reload a specific webpage on a website. This metric is crucial for understanding the level of engagement and interest that content on a website generates among its visitors. Each time a user accesses a page, regardless of whether it's a new visit or a refresh of the same page, it counts as a new page view.

Tracking page views helps website owners and digital marketers gauge the popularity of individual pages and the overall website, identify trends in content consumption, and assess the effectiveness of navigation and content layout in encouraging exploration of the site. High page views might indicate compelling content or effective promotion, while low page views could suggest a need for optimization or improved visibility.

It's important to note that page views alone do not provide a complete picture of user engagement. They are often analyzed in conjunction with other metrics such as unique visitors, bounce rate, and average time on page to gain deeper insights into user behavior and content performance.

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