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Term: "Subdomain"


In the hierarchy of Domain Name System (DNS), a subdomain is a secondary domain that is part of a larger domain. It is used to organize and navigate to different sections of a website, allowing website owners to structure their site in a way that can highlight specific areas, services, or functions, separate from the main site's content. For example, in the web address "," "blog" is a subdomain of the "" domain.

Subdomains serve various purposes, such as hosting a blog, e-commerce platform, support section, or a separate area for a specific department or branch of a company. They are treated by search engines as a separate entity from the main domain, which can be advantageous for SEO strategies, allowing the subdomain to rank independently in search engine results.

Using subdomains can also help with load balancing and the distribution of web traffic, as they can be hosted on different servers. This setup enhances the website's performance and reliability by distributing the workload. Subdomains are a versatile tool in web architecture, providing a way to expand and organize web content without the need to purchase additional domain names.

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